July 2019

Maki Staki

You've played Sushi Go, now it's time to give Maki Staki a try! Maki Staki is a card game for all ages. To play, you collect cards to make your own maki roll (stack of cards). You also play action cards as you go, and you try to avoid wasabi burn and fatal fugu while you play. You can also get past them with... the conveyor belt! If that sounds like a game for sushi lovers, it really is, but it's also fun for everyone else!

How Elephants Help Frogs

It's not really a symbiotic relationship, since the frogs don't particularly help the elephants back, but have you ever thought about how elephant prints help other animals? I've read about how elephants eat so much grass that their droppings make great recycled paper; in fact, I bought some for my teen once and they loved it. It turns out that the footprints left behind by elephants are extremely helpful for another animal--frogs!

In Search Of Alien Life

NASA is sending a mission to Titan in search of life, and Dragonfly, the drone, looks pretty incredible. Saturn's moon Titan is an ocean world, and its conditions and organic material make it a likely host for some kind of life in the universe. There are seas of methane and equane on the planet, and even though the atmosphere there is four times denser than our own, that doesn't rule out the possibility of life. 

Broccoli Cheddar Waffles

We are living in one of the most inventive times to be alive, and that includes food inventions! Chefs are constantly coming up with such clever, creative ideas that it just wows me. I could look at food on the Internet every day and not get bored with it just because there's always something new and exciting to see.

Helping Animals Through The Rockets' Red Glare

Independence Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Spending money on fireworks, which my partner enjoys, is such a wasteful and dangerous activity to me; you might as well set your money on fire. But since he loves it, I try to be supportive, even if to me celebrating would mean not singing about bombs and rockets but protesting the injustices that occur here every day. My partner does support me in doing that much more often than once a year, I must admit. But I also hate how the fireworks disturb the animals.

Favorite Poetry Blog Posts

Some people argue that poetry doesn't translate well to the modern world, including my teenager, whom I've got reading Shakespeare's sonnets at the moment. They've warmed to the sonnets, but we've had many a discussion about how poetry is in everything from the songs they love to the movies they watch over and over again. There's slam poetry, which I think is incredible, and there are even online poetry resources like AllPoetry and various blogs that discuss the art.

Refreshing Summer Drinks

With today's current heat advisory, I'm ready for something super refreshing to cool off with. This list of cocktails looks really good. Watermelon motijos and rose sangria look so good, as does the coconut water champagne fruit punch! I don't have most of these ingredients at hand, though, and I'm looking for something really good. I thought I had some frozen fruit but I gave it all to my chickens to cool off with! 

The Book Junkie Trials

Hey bibliophiles, are you also into adventures, role playing, D&D or just general fun quests that make you feel like Atreyu searching for a cure for the Emperess? If so, this is the summer read-a-thon for you. It's called The Book Junkie Trials, and it's hosted by booktuber Rachael Marie.

Stranger Things Everywhere

I'd ask if anyone else out there is as obsessed with Stranger Things as I am, but I already know the answer to such a silly question! What's exciting, especially after such a harrowing season, is to see so much Stranger Things merch everywhere you go. There are the usual pops, apparel and such online at the regular haunts like Hot Topic, but just going to Target yesterday I saw SO much stuff, including pool inflatables, games, Funko pops, blankets and even two different types of Stranger Things ice cream!

Radioactive Waste 398 - What Effect Would A Major Earthquake Have On The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station - Part 1 of 2 Parts

San_Onofre_Nuclear_Generating_Station_2013_photo_D_Ramey_Logan 2.jpg

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Part 1 of 2 Parts
       I have written about the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station near San Diego, California on a number of occasions. The plant had to be shut down permanently after new steam generators were installed that caused vibrations which cracked pipes. There has been a lot of confusion and court battlers over who was responsible for the problem with the steam generators.