June 2018

Nuclear Reactors 558 - LaserSnake Robot Being Used To Decommission Winfirth Dragon Reactor In U.K.

        One of the major problems encountered in decommissioning nuclear power reactors is dealing with the radioactivity of the components of the reactor. If the parts of a reactor are too hot for human beings to safely handle, then another way must be found. There has been a great deal of work on adapting robots to assist in decommissioning.

Nuclear Weapons 341 - Pentagon Choosing A Site For Manufacture Of Plutonium Cores For Nuclear Warheads

The U.S. is planning on spending a trillion dollars over the next ten years on upgrading the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Part of this project will be the construction on new nuclear warheads. The plutonium cores of warhead are called “pits”. The Pentagon expects to be producing eighty pits a year by 2030. In the past twenty-five years, the U.S. has only produced thirty pits.

Children Prisons

Lock them up!

Donal Trump and his administration haven been under fire for imprisoning migrant children, some as young as toddlers (who were put in "Tender Age" jails), to punish their parents for trying to escape their home countries to have a better life in America. Trump even walked back part of his own policy by signing an Executive Order to stop the practice, but this EO still leaves thousands of children in tent prisons separated from their families. 

Caught Red Hen'ded

Suck it, Liberals!

Donald Trump attacked the Red Hen restaurant, who recently turned away his chief of staff Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It is not uncommon for restaurants to take political stance, former Vice President Joe Biden was turned away from a restaurant several years ago. Trumps own restaurants have ranged from "moderately unsanitary to outright revolting", and the leader of the free world taking time to discuss such trivial matters is the real scandal.

Stock Market Worries


The stock market is having another volitile week under the leadership of Donald J Trump, following new rules and sanctions that would curb investment in American Technology firms. Once a focal point for the administration, the stock market has had wild swings downward related to White House actions at home and abroad - including complicated and unessesary tarriffs that have set off a trade war with US allies.

Nuclear Weapons 340 - Air Force Needs To Upgrade Satellites That Support The Nuclear Triad

       The Pentagon is planning on spending a trillion dollars over the next decade on a new generation of nuclear bombers, submarines and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Together, these are known as the nuclear triad. Recently, at an event on Capitol Hill, Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein, Air Force deputy chief of staff for strategic deterrence and nuclear integration, said, “But the triad is more than a triad.

Nuclear Reactores 557 - U.S. Department Of Energy Hands Out Funds To Nuclear Technology Companies

On April 27, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said, “Promoting early-stage investment in advanced nuclear power technology will support a strong, domestic, nuclear energy industry now and into the future. Making these new investments is an important step to reviving and revitalising nuclear energy, and ensuring that our nation continues to benefit from this clean, reliable, resilient source of electricity.

Nuclear Fusion 45 - University of Michigan Is Studying Nuclear Fusion Reactions In Supernovas and Laboratory

       When the term “nuclear power” is used today, it is actually referring to reactors that utilize nuclear fission to generate electricity. Scientists have been working for decades to develop reactors that would use nuclear fusion. Currently there are at least six companies in the U.S.