August 2012

King of the Church

From riches to rags

I was nine years old in 1952. Our Baptist Church was only a couple of blocks from our house—not that child safety was a concern in 1952—and I frequently walked back and forth. Nine-year-olds sometimes, perhaps more often than not, say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong people.

At nine years old, I said the wrong thing. I remember exactly what happened. It was Wednesday evening and in addition to the bi-weekly service, our church was having a banquet to celebrate the recent spike in attendance by people who had joined our church family. Part of the banquet consisted of an election to choose a king and queen for the Sunday school classes of each age group. For whatever reason, I was elected king—which is where all the trouble began.


Feel the call to testify

In 1958, while growing up in Dallas at the age of 15, I felt the “call” while attending services at our Baptist Church one Wednesday evening. As I have written before, I couldn’t help myself, didn’t even think about it, just rose up from the pew and joined several others heading down the aisle toward the preacher’s pulpit to get baptized and saved. Overcome with emotion at a young age, right?

We're all the same

There is no difference between races

I am certainly no scholar nor am I a believer that God created man in his image infused him with innate goodness and morality. I do believe that man is unique—at least at this infinitesimal blink of the eye in time—in that he is more suited for survival than many of the species who otherwise would either eat him, cause him to die from disease or multiply quickly enough to crowd him out of the evolutionary chain.

Again, the length of time man has inhabited the planet is less than the blink of an eye in the scheme of things. Who knows how many other species have risen to the top of the food chain only to run their course and disappear into oblivion. I do read a great deal—admittedly, mostly fiction—and in my ignorance I become upset when I come across three major subjects that represent a towering conceit on the part of mankind.