March 2012

Baptist Bible School--1940's and 50's

The Will of the Lord

In previous blogs I have described a great deal of the experiences I had growing up as a member of a “Hard Shell” Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. From “testifying” to “feeling the call”, I have talked about the different practices of the church. One of those practices still generates very fond memories for me. Every summer, in August, my church conducted a four week long vacation Bible School.

Spotlight on Francesca Battistelli

Christian artist Francesca Battisetelli has made quite a name for herself in a very short amount of time. In 2008 when she was only 19 years old she released her first solo album “My Paper Heart”. Since that time, she has released another record titled “Another Hundred Year.” Both of these albums produced singles that received a high amount of airplay on Christian radio stations, and Battistelli won Dove Awards in 2010 and 2011 as a result.

Francesca is married to another Christian artist-Matthew Godwin of Newsong. The two were married in August 2009, and Francesca gave birth to their son a little over a year later. She is currently expecting the couple’s second child.  The joy of motherhood led her to give an interview speaking about the first time she saw her son. It’s called “Every Life is Beautiful” and was recorded by the producer of “October Baby”. While the interview doesn’t specifically address abortion, it is nonetheless sends a positive message to women who may be concerned about an unwanted pregnancy.

Right to Wear Crosses Being Challenged

A European court is scheduled to hear arguments concerning a Christian’s right to wear a cross at work. This case will be held by the European Court of Human Rights and will interpret Article 9 which deals with people’s thought, ideas, and religions. It is expected to be a landmark case with far-reaching effects.

The suit is being brought by two women who were separately discriminated against by their employers because they were wearing a cross at their workplace. Nadia Eweida is an employee of British Airways who was suspended in 2006 for refusing to take off a cross. Eweida refused because she claimed that members of other religious faiths were allowed to wear symbols of their beliefs. British Airways has since changed its dress code and no longer allows this.

See You at the "Y"

Young Men's Christian Association

For over 150 years, American youths from many different socio or economic walks of life, different religions or none at all, regardless of their age, have sung out to friends as the school bell rang or the time clock approached 5:00PM; “See you at the Y”!

Getting to Know Some Creative Souls

One of the leading producers of contemporary Christian music is that of Creative Soul. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this agency has more than two decades worth of experience in helping Christian music artists develop their talent and use it for God’s glory. Some of the staff here are involved in producing, songwriting, and musical arrangers and can also help advise artists on how to put different pieces together.

The mission statement of Creative Soul is a very simple one: “to imagine, create, and produce amazing things”. They are able to do this because the people involved in this production agency have a love for God and desire to help people serve him by using their musical talents.

 In addition to having a yearning to produce Christian music, they also have numerous contacts on the Nashville scene. As such, they can help aspiring artists with a variety of goals ranging from signing a major record deal to beginning a music ministry within their own church. They are experienced professionals who are able to work with musicians even when tight deadlines are required.

Give God Control

Refresh Your Mind and Spirit

How many times during the day and especially the night, do you turn your mind over to prayer for just a moment, to beseech God for this result or that outcome? It doesn’t matter whether you are agnostic or just don’t think much about the existence of a God. When you ask for something, you generally also make a pledge to live some part of your life in a better way.

Girl Scouts Employee Harassed over Religious Stand

In an earlier post, I discussed how an Indiana lawmaker had come under fire for his stand on the Girl Scouts of America. It seems that Bob Morris may not have been far off the mark after all when he claimed that the organization promotes homosexuality and abortion. In fact, one employee of this non-profit group found out the hard way because she was harassed by her supervisor for wearing a pro-life t-shirt at her workplace.

Lawmaker Chastized after Taking Christian Stand

Recommends American Heritage Girls over Girl Scouts

A Hoosier lawmaker is standing his ground after making derogatory comments about the Girl Scouts of America. According to state representative Bob Morris of Indiana, the organization sexualizes young girls and promotes homosexuality and abortion. His opinion is based on quite a bit of research into the group, which he claims is aligned with Planned Parenthood.

More on Michael

In an earlier post, I discussed how some people are concerned over the fact that contemporary Christian artist Michael W. Smith shows signs of satanic influence. While the fact that he has displayed certain symbols and poses could be merely coincidental, fans should really take notice of his affiliation with satanic rock bands. At a club known as Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee, bands with anti-Christian lyrics and demonic-sounding names have been booked to play there even though the mission of the club is to reach teens with the love of Jesus.

Michael W. Smith founded Rocketown in 1994 with the goal of introducing troubled youth to Jesus. The club contains a skating park, coffee bar, and dance floor, but the main attraction there is its music. Since the mission of the club is to give teens a positive influence, it is especially troubling to know that there have been many satanic bands that have been booked to play there.