February 2012

Investigating the works of Michael W. Smith

Popular Christian artist shows signs of affiliation with the occult

Michael W. Smith is a well-known name in Christian music. But is this performer actually a Christian? Some argue that he is actually a Satanist who is trying to infiltrate the contemporary Christian music world. Here are a few things some Smith-watchers have observed over the years:

Michael W. Smith doesn’t actually mention Jesus in many of his songs even though he is regularly played on Christian music stations. In fact, at one of his concerts in Birmingham, Alabama a reporter for that city’s newspaper remarked “If you weren't familiar with Michael W. Smith's standing in the world of contemporary Christian music, you might attend one of his concerts and come out none the wiser."” Apparently during his show, Smith did not even mention the name of God or Jesus.

The Garden Variety - The Tehillim Project, Volume 1

Ever wonder what the book of Psalms would sound like as an acoustic folk rock album? The California sextet The Garden Variety has one answer for you. They've reimagined fifteen psalms as soft, evocative tunes that gracefully showcase the source text. 

Christian Rock Contribution

Traditional Christians Conflict Over Rock

Rock and roll music burst on the scene in 1950’s and was universally rejected by the established Christian community. The music was harsh, strident, unruly and impassioned when compared to the conventional melodic tunes popular at the time. The suggestive lyrics and dance moves popularized by Elvis Presley reinforced the negative perception of Christians to rock music.

Christian's Top 20

Pop, rock, and country music all have a “countdown” so that fans can know which songs are “number one”. Contemporary Christian music also has a countdown of top hits known as “20 The Countdown Magazine.” Heard on radio stations and online, this music program counts down the latest hits while featuring many contemporary Christian artists.

A different contemporary Christian artist is featured each week. In the Artist Spotlight, host Jon Rivers gives exclusive interviews with some of the more popular entertainers in the genre. Josh Wilson, Chris Tomlin, and The Afters have all been the featured spotlight artist of the week. The featured group for this week is Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

Get to Know Casting Crowns

One of the better known names among contemporary Christian music groups is that of Casting Crowns. This seven- member group is based in Atlanta, Georgia and have a new album titled “Come to the Well”. This release features the single titled “Every Life is Beautiful”, which was written for the movie “October Baby”.  Other singles on the album include “Courageous”, the hit single from the movie of the same name.

AFA Boycott of Home Depot Stores Continues

Retail giant refuses to remain nuetral in the culture war

The American Family Association is continuing their boycott of Home Depot stores. The boycott is due to the company’s stance on homosexual marriage and participation and support of Gay Pride festivals throughout the country.  The AFA is hoping to encourage the retailer to remain neutral in this culture war and relinquish its involvement with gay festivals and parades.

Keeping Connected


If you plan to be on the road, you can still listen to your favorite contemporary Christian music while you are traveling. There are a couple of different franchise stations that you can tune in to or there is plenty of Christian music available on Sirius XM radio. You can even listen download an app so you can listen to many of these stations on your Iphone or Android.