March 2009

How Will Michael Tait Shape the Newsboys?


In a recent Newsboys concert, one of the most successful bands in Christian music announced that Michael Tait would be taking over as the lead singer for the band, replacing the groups outgoing frontman Paul Furler. After two decades of recording and touring with the band, Paul Furler is stepping aside to retire from life on the road but intends to stay involved in Newsboys' studio endeavors and will continue to make special appearances with this former band from time to time. So while the new album features Paul Furler's vocals leading the way, those attending concerts this year will have the new voice to enjoy.


Michael Tait is a former member of dc Talk and it will be interesting to see how his unique and powerful voice will shape the future of Newsboys. Musically speaking, it is yet to be seen what direction the band may take with this great new influence; as quoted on their website, the band knows that “Michael will bring a new attitude, energy and vocal style that will thrill our audience.”