August 2008


I am looking for a web site that reviews "non-christian" music from a christian perspective and am not having much luck. Lots of christian music reviews but not what I am searching for. If anyone has seen such a thing please let me know. Father of 3

Is it morally right to play with a person whos fallen away from God

Hey heres my question. I have a band with four people in it. Are bass player has recantly been falling away from God and I'm wondering is right to continue playing with him even though hes not right with God. I have two sides to this. One side says its not right to play with him when he is not right whith God cause any message we send accross would be a lie. The other side says that any ministry is better than none and that it might even help him get right whith God again. If the band doesnt do anthing he will probably start a band of his own that isnt christian. Ack what do I do? Brink