July 2008

Song without a name

I cannot figure out the name to this song or the artist who does it. I know some of the lyrics from the song though. Here they are: You give me joy that's unspeakable and I like it I like it yeah Your love for me is irresistable ? ? ? ? ? ? You shined your light of aazing grace I received it I received it yeah That is all the lyrics I know. Does anybody know the name to this song and who does it?

Unknown Artist

I've had a song stuck in my head forever. I was wondering if someone could figure out the Artist. It goes "He gives us beauty for our shame, strength for fear, gladness for morning, peace for dispair." If you could help me out it would be awesome.

Upbeat Awesome God

Hi I just got back from a retreate and they played an upbeat version of Awesome God. It sounded like Kirk Franklin but I'm not sure. Does anyone know of the song I'm talking about. If you do will you tell me the correct title of it and who does it and what album I can find it on. Thanks.

I need help

hi i am looking for a song tha i recently heard i cant really remember how it goes but it says something like the eyes of god watch over me and also something like back to when i was a child a woman sings it i just cant remember got any ideas on what it could be?

Re: musician search

My band has been trying to replace our lead guitarist for about a year now, but we can't find anyone who wants to play in a Christian band. We've been having guys "fill in", but we really need a new member due to our new CD project being released in the next few months. If anyone is interested, please email me at denise_rene12@hotmail.com


Does anyone else think that creed sold out? They were working as a christian band but went mainstream to sell more music. Which I suppose gets the 'word' out but I disagree with their tactics completely.

Christian Artists wanted

We are opening a Christian Coffee House in Maryville Tn and are currently looking for Contemporary, accoustical and Gospel artists for Fridays and Saturday nights. We will be catering to adults from 18 - 80. We are also planning Teen Nights in the future so other types of musicians are welcome to inquire...