Give God Control

Refresh Your Mind and Spirit

How many times during the day and especially the night, do you turn your mind over to prayer for just a moment, to beseech God for this result or that outcome? It doesn’t matter whether you are agnostic or just don’t think much about the existence of a God. When you ask for something, you generally also make a pledge to live some part of your life in a better way.

When you expend the mental energy—in your mind where no one else can hear—to ask for something, who in the world do you believe you are praying to? You might say you believe in the power of karma or heck, maybe even the “force.” Whatever name you put on it, you are praying to someone bigger than yourself. I think you’re kidding yourself if deep down you are looking for protection and comfort when you make your “prayer.”

I also believe that when you get to this point of acceptance you are ready to go all the way. Take the time and make the effort to stop what you are doing, in a private place if possible, and clear your mind of pride, arrogance and hatred. Allow God to take control of your life for the duration of the prayer. Prayer is simply a way to ask God to kneel down beside you, comfort and protect you. This time with God refreshes and restores you, providing you with the strength to face whatever is coming at you. Once you are granted this inner peace your mind clears of fear and anxiety, allowing you to confront the situation with all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources.

Girl Scouts Employee Harassed over Religious Stand

In an earlier post, I discussed how an Indiana lawmaker had come under fire for his stand on the Girl Scouts of America. It seems that Bob Morris may not have been far off the mark after all when he claimed that the organization promotes homosexuality and abortion. In fact, one employee of this non-profit group found out the hard way because she was harassed by her supervisor for wearing a pro-life t-shirt at her workplace.

Renise Rodriguez worked for the Girl Scout’s local office in Tucson, Arizona. She is also a religious studies major at the University of Arizona. Early in January, Rodriguez came to her place of employment during her off-duty hours in order to prepare for a meeting. When she arrived at her office, she was wearing a t-shirt that said “pray to end abortion.”

Her supervisor told her to turn her t-shirt inside out, warning her that she could not remain in the office if she did not do so. After being told to turn the t-shirt inside out twice, Rodriguez claims she was so emotionally disturbed that she left the office in tears.

As a result of her harassment, Rodriguez decided to quit the Girl Scouts. She submitted a letter of resignation the next day but did not cite her reason for doing so. She says she planned to mention the t-shirt incident personally with her boss’s supervisor when the time came to do a formal exit interview. Meanwhile, a pro-life group in Tucson has outfitted Rodriguez with several more t-shirts as a reward for her taking a stand against those who wish to silence our Christian voices.

Lawmaker Chastized after Taking Christian Stand

Recommends American Heritage Girls over Girl Scouts

A Hoosier lawmaker is standing his ground after making derogatory comments about the Girl Scouts of America. According to state representative Bob Morris of Indiana, the organization sexualizes young girls and promotes homosexuality and abortion. His opinion is based on quite a bit of research into the group, which he claims is aligned with Planned Parenthood.

Morris was openly criticized for his stand on the Girl Scouts by others in the Indiana House. Planned Parenthood of Indiana also denied allegations they were involved with the children’s organization. Even so, plenty of evidence exists otherwise. In fact, a few years back the CEO of the Girl Scouts gave an interview where she stated “We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with our church communities, with YWCAs, and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, to bring information-based sex education programs to girls.”

Meanwhile, Morris isn’t backing down, but instead asks those who are unsure to do more research into the connection between the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. He claims that as a result of his findings, he and his wife have decided not to let their daughters continue being girl scouts. Instead, they are joining and alternative organization called American Heritage Girls.

American Heritage Girls are similar to Girl Scouts, but are based on Judeo-Christian values.  Girls ages 5 through 18 are welcome to join and there are different levels for each age group. There are troops in nearly every state, and you can find one by visiting the group’s website at

GCB Outrage

Money Trumps Religion

I am reminded of the movie “2012” where the movie makers displayed graphic and elaborate images of different religious places of worship being destroyed. The movie maker’s message was that ancient Mayan prophesies were stronger than God or any of his many religions.

Of course, these same movie makers were not about to show—much less feature—the destruction of any Muslim structures. The trade information at the time was that the movie makers did not want to take a chance on retribution from fanatical Muslims.

Christians and many other religions are not fanatical and therefore pose little threat in these “lawyered-up” times; therefore they are fair game.

Apparently, the threat—if not actuality—of violence is necessary keep the entertainment industry from disrespecting a person’s religion.

The new television show “GCB” parodies Christians in the worst possible light. If the show is successful, the shock value of future episodes will have to be escalated for ever more addictive appeal, to the level of the “Piss Christ” artwork, winner of several awards sponsored by the National Center of the Endowment of the Arts, depicting the cross of Jesus Christ Our Savior immersed in a jar of urine.

You must believe me: the bodies of the people making these movies and television shows, as well as the actors featured in them, shudder with sustained and sweaty orgasm as they read the outraged comments from the Christian community. Boycotting the show and advertisers is good but certainly won’t change the fact that the show will go on.

We are dealing here with people—who don’t care about others—protected by broadly interpreted laws insulting the non-violent, while they’re being too cowardly to go all the way and insult those who will respond with violence.

Come on Hollywood, don’t you think a series about Muslims wouldn’t be hilarious!

More on Michael

In an earlier post, I discussed how some people are concerned over the fact that contemporary Christian artist Michael W. Smith shows signs of satanic influence. While the fact that he has displayed certain symbols and poses could be merely coincidental, fans should really take notice of his affiliation with satanic rock bands. At a club known as Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee, bands with anti-Christian lyrics and demonic-sounding names have been booked to play there even though the mission of the club is to reach teens with the love of Jesus.

Michael W. Smith founded Rocketown in 1994 with the goal of introducing troubled youth to Jesus. The club contains a skating park, coffee bar, and dance floor, but the main attraction there is its music. Since the mission of the club is to give teens a positive influence, it is especially troubling to know that there have been many satanic bands that have been booked to play there.

Some of these include Skeletonwitch and Toxic Holocaust to name a few. The names of these bands are disturbing enough, but the lyrics to their songs are even more so. For example, one of the songs included by Toxic Holocaust was “Nuke the Cross”. Another band called Black Dahlia Murder has a song titled Black Valor which says:” striking with satanic force we’ll crust their fabled Christ”.

When questioned as to why satanic bands were being booked to play at Rocketown, the staff claimed that they were trying to reach youth that wouldn’t come to their facility to see a Christian band. They claim that it is the parent’s responsibility to research the bands playing there and that they never claimed all of the performers there would be Christian artists.



Investigating the works of Michael W. Smith

Popular Christian artist shows signs of affiliation with the occult

Michael W. Smith is a well-known name in Christian music. But is this performer actually a Christian? Some argue that he is actually a Satanist who is trying to infiltrate the contemporary Christian music world. Here are a few things some Smith-watchers have observed over the years:

Michael W. Smith doesn’t actually mention Jesus in many of his songs even though he is regularly played on Christian music stations. In fact, at one of his concerts in Birmingham, Alabama a reporter for that city’s newspaper remarked “If you weren't familiar with Michael W. Smith's standing in the world of contemporary Christian music, you might attend one of his concerts and come out none the wiser."” Apparently during his show, Smith did not even mention the name of God or Jesus.

This is only the tip of the iceberg according to those who study occult symbols. For example, on his album “The Big Picture”, his name is actually spelled backwards. Not a big deal unless you also realize that writing backwards is connected to Satanism. What’s more alarming is that the letters “m” and “t” in his name appear to be from the runic alphabet which is often used in satanic rituals.

Others claim that Smith is performing satanic poses on one of his album covers and that he modeled himself after “The Alan Parsons Project”, which is an occultist band. Whether or not Michael W. Smith is truly a Christian or a Satanist is unknown; however, we do know that one day he will face the Lord so we should continue to pray for his salvation.

Bible Bill Set for Vote in Arizona

The Arizona House recently passed a bill that would make Bible an elective course in many high schools throughout the state. This bill is now on its way to the Arizona Senate and if ratified would mandate the state’s Board of Education to develop a course for school systems to use. It would not force them to offer the class or mandate that any students take it.

While the United States Supreme Court has ruled that reading Bible scripture in schools is unconstitutional, they do allow its subject matter to be taught. In a landmark case decided in 1963, the high court stated that the Bible has “historical and literary value” and that it could be taught as such. This would be providing that its contents were presented “objectively and as part of a secular program of education.”

The proposed course would explore how the Bible has influenced our culture and society.  According to the sponsors of this bill, studying this influence is important because “biblical references are everywhere”. A Bible elective could help students understand these references as well as the meaning and history behind them.

One of the reasons why Representative Terri Proud introduced this bill was out of concern for teachers. She claims that many teachers in her district are afraid to talk about their Christian faith or mention the Holy Bible. She also claims that Christian principles are what “binds the nation together as a whole”, and that this issue should not divide Democrats and Republicans.

The Garden Variety - The Tehillim Project, Volume 1

Ever wonder what the book of Psalms would sound like as an acoustic folk rock album? The California sextet The Garden Variety has one answer for you. They've reimagined fifteen psalms as soft, evocative tunes that gracefully showcase the source text. 

Christian Rock Contribution

Traditional Christians Conflict Over Rock

Rock and roll music burst on the scene in 1950’s and was universally rejected by the established Christian community. The music was harsh, strident, unruly and impassioned when compared to the conventional melodic tunes popular at the time. The suggestive lyrics and dance moves popularized by Elvis Presley reinforced the negative perception of Christians to rock music.

However, as time went on, Elvis presented himself as a religious person and released several gospel songs—among them the extremely successful He Touched Me.

As rock music continued to develop into the 1960’s and 1970’s it adopted a counterculture element, particularly with the contribution of the Beatles. John Lennon’s comments regarding the Beatles being more popular than Jesus further alienated Christians. At times rock music took a decidedly satanic turn as with The Rolling Stones’ release of Sympathy for the Devil.

All rock music—regardless of whether it was political or not—was painted with same brush and associated with the Vietnam War protest, Civil Rights Movement and general mood of youth rebellion that permeated the country.  

Heroes of rock music such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix emerged. They were universally admired by the youth of the day and epitomized what Christians considered wrong with the music.

In 1966, The Crusaders, a Southern California garage band released Make a Joyful Noise—the world’s first Christian rock record. In 1969, Mind Garage, which is recognized as one of the first Christian rock bands, recorded Upon This Rock, the first commercially released Jesus rock album.

Larry Norman, the Grandfather of Christian Rock, recorded Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music, which summarized his viewpoint and that of many other young Christians. Older and more traditional Christians continued to wrestle with the sudden boom in Christian rock bands and music as well as the popularity of the musicians.

The conflict goes on to this day with evangelical Christians decrying Christian rock in its entirety or picking apart individual bands or their music.




Christian's Top 20

Pop, rock, and country music all have a “countdown” so that fans can know which songs are “number one”. Contemporary Christian music also has a countdown of top hits known as “20 The Countdown Magazine.” Heard on radio stations and online, this music program counts down the latest hits while featuring many contemporary Christian artists.

A different contemporary Christian artist is featured each week. In the Artist Spotlight, host Jon Rivers gives exclusive interviews with some of the more popular entertainers in the genre. Josh Wilson, Chris Tomlin, and The Afters have all been the featured spotlight artist of the week. The featured group for this week is Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

In addition to listing the top hits, Jon Rivers also picks what he calls a “future favorite”. This is a new release that has potential of making the top 20 list in the near future. The future favorite for this week is “A Matter of Faith” by Peter Furler. You can listen to it online or download it to your IPod on the official countdown website.

If you’d like to find a radio station in your area that hosts “20 The Countdown Magazine”, you can do so by going to their home page at Click on the button labeled “Where to Listen” at the top of the page and you will be taken to a screen where you can enter your city or zip code. Alternately you can also select a location from a map. Unfortunately, the countdown is not broadcast online.