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Remember Creed?

What ever happened to the band Creed? They were so popular when I was in high school. I remember their song, “Can You Take Me Higher,” being such a big hit. It was used to promote that cute spacey cartoon, Titan A.E., and I know I played it often enough to drive my boyfriend insane.

I never knew that the band was a Christian one, though, until some Christian friends told me they were. Even after that, there was still speculation on whether or not they were really a Christian group, or if they happened to just be all Christian musicians who played rock music. Officially, I think they were simply known as post-grunge, more than anything else.

I do remember them separating and forming the band Alter Bridge a while back, but I don’t remember anything they made as the new band.

It turns out that they reunited in 2009 and made a new album, though I don’t remember it and can’t vouch for any of its songs. Since then, they’re taking another break from Creed, while the main singer makes his own solo stuff and the rest of the gang focus on their Alter Bridge material. Apparently a new Creed album and tour are expected to be released in 2012.