We're all the same

We're all the same

There is no difference between races

I am certainly no scholar nor am I a believer that God created man in his image infused him with innate goodness and morality. I do believe that man is unique—at least at this infinitesimal blink of the eye in time—in that he is more suited for survival than many of the species who otherwise would either eat him, cause him to die from disease or multiply quickly enough to crowd him out of the evolutionary chain.

Again, the length of time man has inhabited the planet is less than the blink of an eye in the scheme of things. Who knows how many other species have risen to the top of the food chain only to run their course and disappear into oblivion. I do read a great deal—admittedly, mostly fiction—and in my ignorance I become upset when I come across three major subjects that represent a towering conceit on the part of mankind.


Every species of life on earth—plant or animal—is engaged in constant, unrelenting and deadly no-holds-barred warfare. Some species, such as ants, form vast armies, engage in pitched battles using tactical maneuvers and give absolutely no quarter as they slaughter each other. The same is true as weeds encroach on grassy areas and kill them out by sucking the nutrients and moisture from the soil before claiming the battleground and flourishing. The examples are too numerous to list.

People Displacement

Caucasians are constantly depicted as evil because they fought, killed and forced the Native Americans off the land who occupied it at the time. Big news flash; the afore-mentioned “peaceful, innocent” Native Americans fought, killed and forced the previous people who were there before them from the same land. Once again, this is a process repeated in every phase in nature as each species attempts to realize its driving, evolutionary objective to survive and evolve.


By now the reader may have tumbled to the fact that all people employ the same basic tactics to survive. Slavery is no exception. Every race of humans on earth has taken slaves as part of its survival process. Black tribes in Africa always have and still do take slaves from other tribes. Native Americans indulged in the same practice at every opportunity, even raiding other villages for the express purpose of gathering slaves. Asians, Caucasians and every other race participated in slavery and many still do.

I mentioned conceit earlier. Man believes he is divine and the inheritor of the planet. True, we may last for a long time before we kill ourselves or succumb to a miniscule virus that obliterates the whole race. But, do not despair, other creatures will emerge from the carnage and while they will be totally unimaginable, it won’t matter, because our species will have been long lost in the winds of time.