Religious Values Our Best Hope

Religious Values Our Best Hope

Will Religion Save America?

I was raised a Baptist during my youth—1943 through 1961—in Texas. Everyone I knew was Catholic, Methodist or like myself, Baptist. I’m sure there were many other major religions represented among my friends as well as those who belonged to churches that were offshoots of more established ones. Even though I no longer practice organized religion, I strongly believe I am a recipient of many of it teachings.

Religion, in addition to a great deal of mythology and conflicting messages, has as its primary message a recipe for a happy and successful life: hard work, self-sufficiency, charity as well as hope and a lasting faith that all will be well in the future. It also holds as a principal tenet that we are not alone; there is something out there that cares and will help us when we help ourselves.

As I said, I don’t practice religion and lean heavily toward the scientific explanation of the universe, at least as far as that explanation goes.

I’ve read where organized religion and belief in God is slowly disappearing from our society as well as the rest of the world. My concern is that the values taught by religion are also disappearing.

During hard times, and life has been brutal up for the human race until this immediate point in history, hard work, self-sufficiency, faith and the other values surface on their own as a matter of necessity. Those who don’t practice them have generally died out. Right now, the poorest among us in America are living like princes compared to those who came before us.

People aren’t being forced to practice strong values and as a result, many people not only want everything for free with no work involved, they adamantly believe they should have it based on the work of others.

As far as the progress of the human race is concerned, this isn’t good.

It for sure isn’t sustainable!