Investigating the works of Michael W. Smith

Investigating the works of Michael W. Smith

Popular Christian artist shows signs of affiliation with the occult

Michael W. Smith is a well-known name in Christian music. But is this performer actually a Christian? Some argue that he is actually a Satanist who is trying to infiltrate the contemporary Christian music world. Here are a few things some Smith-watchers have observed over the years:

Michael W. Smith doesn’t actually mention Jesus in many of his songs even though he is regularly played on Christian music stations. In fact, at one of his concerts in Birmingham, Alabama a reporter for that city’s newspaper remarked “If you weren't familiar with Michael W. Smith's standing in the world of contemporary Christian music, you might attend one of his concerts and come out none the wiser."” Apparently during his show, Smith did not even mention the name of God or Jesus.

This is only the tip of the iceberg according to those who study occult symbols. For example, on his album “The Big Picture”, his name is actually spelled backwards. Not a big deal unless you also realize that writing backwards is connected to Satanism. What’s more alarming is that the letters “m” and “t” in his name appear to be from the runic alphabet which is often used in satanic rituals.

Others claim that Smith is performing satanic poses on one of his album covers and that he modeled himself after “The Alan Parsons Project”, which is an occultist band. Whether or not Michael W. Smith is truly a Christian or a Satanist is unknown; however, we do know that one day he will face the Lord so we should continue to pray for his salvation.