God-He's always the same

God-He's always the same

Newsong scores big with latest single from "One True God"

Newsong released their latest CD “One True God” in May, 2011. The latest single from that album is a song titled “The Same God”.  This song is written from the perspective of a lonely and desperate Christian who feels God no longer listens. It’s a song most believers can relate to no matter how strong their faith, since most people eventually go through a time when they feel God no longer listens to their prayers.

This song attempts to encourage those who find themselves struggling with doubt and fear or feel that God is so far away they are unable to talk to him.  The chorus reminds listeners that God is the same, that He never changes, and always cares about His children.

If you can’t listen to this tune, reading the lyrics should definitely be a source of inspiration anyway:

The Same God

Back to the wall scared you’ll fall
What you gonna do
Day and night don’t know why
It’s like the worlds against you
You’re prayin for a breakthrough

There was a day when your faith couldn’t be held down
God was near enough to hear every word
But somehow, you wish He heard you right now
Don’t you know

The same God with you then
Is with you now
The same God who led you in
Will lead you out
So take all the fear and doubt
Go on and lay them down
The same God, the same God
Is with you now

Oh, can’t ya see
Everything happens for a reason
There’s a time there’s a place for every season
He knows what’s best for you
So don’t be afraid


Just keep holdin’ on
Just keep holdin‘ on


Yeah, He’s with you now

Tyrus Morgan / Jay Speight / David Arthur Garcia / Chris Stevens © 2011 Tyrus Music (ASCAP / Word Music (ASCAP) / D Soul Music (ASCAP) / Regisfunk Music (BMI)