GCB Outrage

GCB Outrage

Money Trumps Religion

I am reminded of the movie “2012” where the movie makers displayed graphic and elaborate images of different religious places of worship being destroyed. The movie maker’s message was that ancient Mayan prophesies were stronger than God or any of his many religions.

Of course, these same movie makers were not about to show—much less feature—the destruction of any Muslim structures. The trade information at the time was that the movie makers did not want to take a chance on retribution from fanatical Muslims.

Christians and many other religions are not fanatical and therefore pose little threat in these “lawyered-up” times; therefore they are fair game.

Apparently, the threat—if not actuality—of violence is necessary keep the entertainment industry from disrespecting a person’s religion.

The new television show “GCB” parodies Christians in the worst possible light. If the show is successful, the shock value of future episodes will have to be escalated for ever more addictive appeal, to the level of the “Piss Christ” artwork, winner of several awards sponsored by the National Center of the Endowment of the Arts, depicting the cross of Jesus Christ Our Savior immersed in a jar of urine.

You must believe me: the bodies of the people making these movies and television shows, as well as the actors featured in them, shudder with sustained and sweaty orgasm as they read the outraged comments from the Christian community. Boycotting the show and advertisers is good but certainly won’t change the fact that the show will go on.

We are dealing here with people—who don’t care about others—protected by broadly interpreted laws insulting the non-violent, while they’re being too cowardly to go all the way and insult those who will respond with violence.

Come on Hollywood, don’t you think a series about Muslims wouldn’t be hilarious!