Baptist Bible School--1940's and 50's

Baptist Bible School--1940's and 50's

The Will of the Lord

In previous blogs I have described a great deal of the experiences I had growing up as a member of a “Hard Shell” Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. From “testifying” to “feeling the call”, I have talked about the different practices of the church. One of those practices still generates very fond memories for me. Every summer, in August, my church conducted a four week long vacation Bible School.

In Dallas, the month of August is hotter than a two dollar pistol at a shooting match, and except for an outdoor activity or two, vacation bible school was conducted in the church’s air-conditioned meeting rooms.

Every day for a month, we kids—boys only, no girls attended Bible School--walked to the church where we arrived at 10:00AM and stayed through 3:00PM. We got Kool-Aid twice a day and a sandwich and apple for lunch at noon. At that time kids didn’t simply walk to the refrigerator and casually grab a soft drink; the Kool-Aid was a real treat!

Even better was the delicious cold air in the classrooms. We had an evaporative water cooler in one window—it was called a “swamp cooler” back then—and in the muggy August heat it simply wouldn’t cool and so was not ever turned on.

We played outside twice during the day and were inside the remainder of the time. That wonderful refrigerated air was a luxury we loved and hated to give up every day at 3:00PM when Bible School let out.

The pastor, whom I remember perfectly to this day, taught us—our church was small—and he brought the bible to life as he extolled the virtues of good and evils of sin. It’s a good thing the rooms were air-conditioned because it helped keep us awake and on our toes when the pastor asked questions about his teachings and demanded answers. This was not a passive exercise like a sermon; he actually did his best to drive the will of the Lord into our souls.

I remember those summer days and the simple pleasures they brought us.