Angel in the night

Angel in the night

Kiss of comfort

I had the first health issue with my heart many years ago, when I was hospitalized for almost a week. During this time, I went through several “events” with my heart. Of course, I was very scared and at night, after family and friends had gone, I lay awake worrying and wondering what would happen next.In a clear and straightforward manner, I would like to present the following account of a life-changing event that occurred while I was in the hospital.

I was lying in my hospital bed on my first night in the hospital, unable to sleep. I rang for the night shift nurse and asked for a sleeping pill. The male nurse was very attentive and left to check my chart to verify I was allowed to have it and then to get the pill.

As I lay there waiting and worrying, I must have dozed off. When I woke up I saw the sleeping pill and a glass of water on my tray table. As I was reaching for the pill I saw someone sitting in the chair behind the tray table. The person was in shadow and I couldn’t tell who it was. Before I could speak, the person stood up and moved to the side of my bed.

I distinctly remember that the person was a woman was about 30 years old. She had short blond hair, was average looking but had on an old-fashioned nurse’s cap. She wore a white uniform dress (I have been in lots of hospitals in lots of cities in the last 17 years and have not once seen a white nurse’s outfit like that one except on television). She wore a name tag identifying her as “Sandy.”

Not a word was spoken as I looked up at her and she looked down at me. She then did the most incredible yet human thing. She leaned down and kissed me on my forehead, smiled, turned and left. I lay there only a moment before going to sleep—soundly and unworried—for the rest of the night.

The next morning I looked out my door, directly across from to the nurse’s station and looked at the nurse’s overnight schedule; Sandy was not listed. I asked everyone I saw that morning and of course no one knew of Sandy. I stopped thinking about it as the day became occupied with my treatment.

Since then, especially when I have heart issues, I think of Sandy. I do not attempt to figure out what happened that night or who it may have been who comforted me. In fact, this is the first time I have shared the happening with anyone.

Sandy was an angel; I accepted that fact at the time without even thinking about it and I still know it to be true today.